Why Inclusion is Good for Business, and Everyone in it, too

by Nov 1, 2022

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month was a great time to reflect on the importance of inclusion in the workplace. Employers increasingly recognize the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Organizations that employ a diverse and inclusive workforce attract all types of job candidates, not just those with disabilities.

A recent study found that companies with diverse and inclusive workplaces are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their industry. They’re also 2.3 times more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Part of the reason might be because employees realize the company is committed to their professional growth regardless of how their health or abilities might unexpectedly change.

Inclusion also impacts a company’s brand, making a company more attractive to customers, investors, and top talent. A company that is seen as inclusive is often perceived as being modern, forward-thinking, and relevant. This can be a major differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace.

A company with solid inclusion practices is attractive to all job candidates, as it shows the company’s ethics are strong in other areas. A commitment to disability inclusion is also an indicator of dedication to other important values like diversity, equity, and respect. These values make the company a more attractive workplace for everyone. 

Inclusion is about more than just diversity; it’s about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. And iDisability can help get you there. Since 2016, we’ve guided workforces in building and evolving disability inclusion success.

Over 4 million business users representing various industries trust us to help them build a truly inclusive workforce. Experience it for yourself.

Andrew D. Houghton

Andrew D. Houghton

President, Disability Inclusion Solutions

Nationally Recognized Accessibility Expert. Creating Innovative Disability Inclusion Solutions. Certified DOBE.


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