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Disability Inclusion Solutions

Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS), founded by CEO Andrew Houghton, specializes in the development of programs and services that promote full inclusion for people with disabilities. Andy has used a wheelchair since a 1986 motorcycle accident resulted in paraplegia. For over 20 years, his expert team has offered inclusion solutions that work. With offices in South Florida and production facilities in Southern California, DIS has the capacity to mobilize teams across the country and abroad to meet our clients’ needs.

Inclusion Journey

A Californian at heart, Andy has always loved being outdoors, enjoying sports, and of course, making movies. But in 1986, his true purpose was brought into focus. A motorcycle accident resulted in paraplegia, and he began using a wheelchair. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to build infrastructure that improves the quality of life for people with disabilities.


Andy experiences a life-altering motorcycle accident that leaves him in paraplegia and in need of a wheelchair for mobility.


Andy tries adaptive snow skiing for the first time. Returns to the mountain numerous times learning to tackle black diamond courses.


Andy competes in adaptive sports including water skiing, wheelchair hockey, tennis, mountain biking and jet skiing.

Andy learns firsthand the challenges people with disabilities face while trying to reintegrate into their communities and workplaces. This newfound knowledge fuels him to build a foundation and infrastructure for future programs and services which foster the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Andy being featured in an article in the magazine "Men's Fitness" in 1997
Andy going water-skiing
Andy playing wheelchair hockey
Andy playing tennis
Andy fly fishing in a river
Article about the Casa Colina Sports camp


Andy founds the Land Meets Sea Sports Camp in California, a place where campers with disabilities get a chance to experience water sports and other recreational adventures.

1996 – 1997

Andy becomes one of the hosts of Planet X, a sports lifestyle show featuring extreme adaptive and non-adaptive sports from across the globe.

He assisted the International Rescue Committee in developing advocacy training, sports, return-to-work, and support group programs for people with disabilities in Bosnia.

In association with the International Medical Corps, he conducts the Wheels of Hope Wheelchair Basketball and Land Mine Awareness Tour, leading a team of seven gold medal Paralympians, including David Kiley on an 11-day, seven-city tour through Bosnia and Croatia.


Travels to Kosovo to explore the needs of the disability community, and the post-conflict disability infrastructure.


Establishes a non-profit organization, No Barriers Media in order to accept philanthropic funding for Roll Models:24/7, a day-in-the-life film about six active individuals living with spinal cord injuries.


Returns to Kosovo on a six-month consultancy on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation to develop and implement policies and programs that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.


Appointed by President George W. Bush to the non-partisan Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled Committee.

In 2006, he was reappointed to serve a second term. That same year he was unanimously elected by his peers to serve as Committee Chairperson. He is the first private citizen and the first person with a disability to ever chair the Committee.

In July 2010, Andy was unanimously reelected as Chairperson for an unprecedented third term. Under his leadership, the committee established groundbreaking policies to improve the lives of individuals with significant disabilities. Those initiatives still exist and have become the basis for numerous programs now in place, including the Quality Work Environment Initiative (QWE). Through QWE, nonprofit agencies must continue to evaluate and adopt state-of-the-art practices that enhance productivity and foster employment opportunities.

2004 & 2005

Appointed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush to serve on Florida’s Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) on Inclusive Community Living, Lifelong Transition, and Employment of Persons with Developmental Disabilities. Subsequently appointed to serve on the Florida Rehabilitation Council, where he served as First Vice Chairman.


Andy founded Disability Inclusion Solutions to deliver services and products that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.


Andy spearheads the Disability Rights on Wheels Tour for Disability:IN in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act. The tour featured a 48-foot interactive traveling museum touring America. The “Museum on Wheels” told the story of the fight for equal rights by people with disabilities in the United States, celebrating the remarkable journey of dedicated activists, advocates and legislators who transformed their status from objects of heartless discrimination, fear and isolation, to full participants of mainstream society.


Andy partners with Bender Consulting Servinces to launch the iDisability™️ Enterprise-Wide eLearning Solution.


Andy smiling at the camera wearing a  brightly patterned shirt


Disability Inclusion Solutions: Leading global diversity supplier

We provide inclusive products and services at competitive prices, including multimedia production, eLearning software solutions and Universal Design consultation.

Disability Inclusion Solutions has received the Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE) Certification®️ through the Disability:IN®️ Disability Supplier Diversity Program®️ DSDP®️.

DOBE certified logo

No Barriers Media

Whether shooting on location or in studio, our state-of-the-art equipment and production techniques offer everything you need from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that achieve your specific goals. Our extensive knowledge of accessibility requirements ensure our clients’ products reach the broadest audience using the latest technologies. We offer:

  • Commercials, PSAs and Marketing Videos
  • Cartoon Animation Videos
  • Training Videos
  • 3D Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Accessible Media and Descriptive Audio

No Barriers Media is a leading diversity supplier source for clients seeking high quality media at competitive prices.

Create your video with No Barriers Media.

Universal Design

Universal Design creates spaces where everyone is given what they need to succeed. While grounded in the ADA, it offers far more potential for inclusion. Universal Design dares us to look further than differences in physical and cognitive abilities or disabilities to create an environment designed with everyone in mind.

Universal Design accommodates diversity, improves safety, and provides a competitive advantage in talent acquisition. These are measurable benefits that increase ROI.

Differentiate your firm with Universal Design


iDisability™️ is a one-stop solution for providing enterprise-wide training on over 35 disability diversity and inclusion topics. Nearly two million business users utilize this innovative eLearning platform developed in partnership with Bender Consulting. Topics include interviewing, accommodating, and communicating with people with disabilities, digital accessibility, developing community partners in the disability community, disability supplier diversity, customer service, understanding the DEI, and more! Designed with the busy professional in mind, these responsive eLearning modules are approximately 15 minutes in length and can be accessed by laptop, tablet or smart phone. iDisability™️ satisfies Section 503 requirements to demonstrate credible action in training and strategic progress to reach the associated labor force utilization goal. It also fulfills an element of scoring with the Disability Equality Index.

Experience iDisability

Our Media Production Work


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AMC Theatre PSA

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JAN Accommodating an Individual with Multiple Disabilities

Fun Facts

Andy smiling while tandem skydiving with an instructor

Andy has been skydiving in a formation with the Army’s Golden Knights parachute team.

Andy sitting inside of a white car with his wheelchair sitting beside him just outside the door.

Andy has put his wheelchair together and taken it apart approximately 58,400 times over 32 years.

Flag and framed photo of The Pentagon with a label that reads

Andy has had an American Flag flown over the Pentagon in his honor.

Andy coaching a kids' t-ball team on a baseball diamond

Andy has coached his son, Camden’s baseball and basketball teams.


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