The Benefits of Virtual Job Fairs

by Sep 30, 2020

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Virtual career fairs have been rising in popularity since the evolution of technology. While they’re currently the only safe way to reach out to a wide audience of candidates, many recruiters and employers have long known virtual fairs can have many benefits over traditional fairs.

While both events have many positive aspects, there are three main reasons why iDisability® prefers online options:

  • Convenience. For job seekers with disabilities, a virtual career fair is about convenience. It’s about not having to worry whether or not the event venue is accessible and feeling confident about your surroundings. Candidates can join a virtual career fair from anywhere with the click of a button, and so can recruiters!
  • Cost. The cost for your organization to participate in a virtual career fair is considerably less than the cost of an in-person event. There is no travel involved, and minimal outreach costs. There’s no need to incur the cost of printing recruitment materials and company merchandise. And certainly, no extra expenses to ship things across the country.
  • Connections. Virtual career fairs allow recruiters and candidates to engage in accelerated recruitment. They are able to have multiple, private conversations at once. This makes it easy to make more connections with top candidates with disabilities.

Virtual career fairs are an ideal way for employers, recruiters, and job seekers to connect from the convenience of their homes or offices. Take action and register to participate in the Bender Virtual Career Fair, Tuesday, November 10, from 9am-6pm. It’s the most efficient way to recruit candidates with disabilities. Does your team need help preparing? Contact us for a demo of the iDisability® training modules, which include the best practices in recruiting, hiring, interviewing and accommodating people with disabilities.

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