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by Oct 31, 2020

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Job interviews have always been a little stressful for interviewees. After all, applicants want to make the type of impression that earns them a new job, or at least a subsequent interview. But now, in the midst of a global pandemic, the hiring process has shifted completely online. That means candidates need to effectively communicate their competence and interest in the absence of in-person interactions. It also means employers need to make the remote hiring process accessible for job applicants with disabilities. 

Here are several tips that will help organizations make their virtual interviews accessible for all:

  • Schedule the interview during a time of day when the applicant is most focused or best able to communicate.
  • Use a platform that supports subtitles/captioning.
  • Consider using an external mic to improve sound quality.
  • If multiple people are taking part in the interview, ask everyone to mute their mics when not speaking to limit extraneous noise.
  • Give applicants time to think about a question and jot down their thoughts.
  • If you’re using slides, read out the information or describe their content.
  • If you’re sharing a video, it should be captioned and audio described. 

Being aware, sensitive, and accommodating will create a better experience and outcome for any interviewee. Our newest iDisability® module, “Inclusive Practices in Remote Screening,” is coming soon. Users will learn how to remove barriers to inclusion during the remote screening process. The module also offers best practices for accessibility with digital interviewing tools. Over 4 million business users across a variety of industries have already used our 40 distinctly different and practical modules to develop their brand and support their staff. Experience it for yourself

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