How Disability Inclusion Can Help You Combat The Great Resignation

by Feb 5, 2022

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Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve added new words and phrases to our vocabulary, from social distancing and contact tracing to herd immunity and flattening the curve. In the business world, there’s one phrase we’ve heard a lot of lately and likely will continue to hear – The Great Resignation. 

People are rethinking their jobs and reevaluating their priorities. And all that self-reflection has them leaving their jobs in record numbers. But business leaders don’t have to be left scrambling. Building a more inclusive and equitable workplace can stem the employment shortage

The Great Resignation has made creating an inclusive culture – one that addresses the needs of employees of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, and abilities – ever more critical. In fact, business leaders committed to creating an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and respected may not have to worry about unsatisfied employees looking to leave. 

Building a culture where everyone thrives takes dedication and dependability. iDisability® has helped over 4 million business users across a variety of industries promote a more inclusive workforce. Discover how we can help.

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