Giving a Pitch Perfect Presentation at the Disability:IN Annual Conference

by Sep 23, 2022

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Eleven years ago, Disability:IN created the Pitch Perfect Challenge, a “Shark Tank” style platform designed to help disability-owned businesses gain exposure and create new opportunities.

The Challenge consists of three rounds of competition. After an online application process, a panel of corporate experts reviews video presentations and narrows the list of finalists to 10. Out of those 10, three challengers are invited to present their pitches at the Disability:IN Annual Conference. 

I had the pleasure of participating in this year’s Pitch Perfect Challenge. So, what was the experience like? In a word: exhilarating. I presented Disability Inclusion Solutions to a group of panelists and a room full of people who have long understood the importance of disability inclusion and equality. Yet, I was still amazed by the level of support I received. What’s more, Disability Inclusion Solutions was selected as the “People’s Choice” through a social media voting campaign.

Video: Andy Houghton Presenting Disability Inclusion Solutions at the Disability:IN Annual Conference

This experience has motivated me to continue doing what I’m doing – sharing information about UD and its benefits. Universal design should be an essential consideration for any designer, but too many think it comes with a hefty price tag. What surprises people the most is that many solutions are low or no-cost additions to renovation or building plans. And the cost of implementing UD strategies is almost always offset by increased productivity and revenues over the long term.

In recent years, Fortune 500 companies have been working to improve their disability and inclusion practices. These firms understand that people with disabilities are a valuable part of the workforce who bring unique skills and perspectives to the workplace. By adopting UD solutions, organizations create a more accessible and user-friendly workplace for everyone.

Are you ready to create a space that’s truly inclusive? Reach out to my team and me. We can evaluate your situation and provide tips for creating a built environment that makes everyone feel right at home.

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