6 Ways to Include Disability in Your Company’s Diversity Strategy Now

by Jun 22, 2021

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Companies across a variety of industries are starting to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion. And it’s not just because of goodwill. D&I is essential for the health of a business. After all, having a workforce that’s diverse in every way possible will enhance creativity, broaden knowledge and perspective, and appeal to a greater customer base.

Still, too many companies continue to fall short of a truly diverse group of employees. But that may be changing soon. Investors representing more than $2.8 trillion in combined assets are calling on companies they invest in to create inclusive workplaces. Adopting best practices is a great way to begin. Try starting with these:

  • Ensure your company’s Diversity & Inclusion statement specifically mentions people with disabilities and is posted online. 
  • Establish a public, company-wide hiring goal for people with disabilities. Measure progress toward the goal. 
  • Release a public statement from a senior executive (within first two layers of CEO), supporting a disability-focused employee resource group. 
  • Make the company’s disability accommodation policy available to all employees and accessible through multiple mediums
  • Develop a supplier diversity program that includes Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (DOBE®), Service-Disabled Veteran Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (SDV-DOBETM), and Veteran Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (V-DOBETM).
  • Audit the compliance of both internal and external websites under World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (W3C WCAG2.1). 

Transforming an organization doesn’t happen overnight, but the process certainly has its advantages. Are you looking for a way to promote D&I value and practices? iDisability® has helped over 4 million business users across a variety of industries promote a more inclusive workforce. Discover how we can help.

Andrew D. Houghton

Andrew D. Houghton

President, Disability Inclusion Solutions

Nationally Recognized Accessibility Expert. Creating Innovative Disability Inclusion Solutions. Certified DOBE.


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