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Disability Inclusion Solutions delivers services and products that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.
Meeting your goals with DIS
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    Andrew catching air in an ATV and mountain biking.

    Click on the links to see how we’ve assisted other clients in overcoming their disability inclusion obstacles. To learn more about how we can assist your company, give us a call.

    Andy at the White House

    Ability One Program on NBC

    Viewpoint, NBC 4 Washington, DC 2008
    Speaking for NISH

    2008 NISH Conference, Los Angeles, CA
    Opening Session
    Keynote address for NISH

    2007 NISH Conference, Grapevine, Texas
    Opening Session
    Microsoft Windows of Opportunity

    Microsoft, Windows of Opportunity
    Western Law

    Western Law Center for Disability Rights
    Roll Models 24-7

    Rolls Models 24/7, 1998
    UPN News DUI High School

    UPN News Segment DUI High School, 1997
    Bosnia Wheels of Hope Tour

    Bosnia Wheels of Hope Tour, 1997
    ABC News Camp Big Bear

    ABC News Camp Big Bear, 1997
    PSA Silent Campaign

    PSA Silent Campaigner
    Planet X Portland Basketball Finals

    Portland WC Basketball Finals, Planet X

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    Planet X Hockey Boys Club

    Hockey Boys Club, Planet X
    Planet X Casa Colina

    Casa Colina Sports Camp, Planet X
    Bosnia Aid

    Excursion to Croatia and Bosnia, Planet X, 1996
    Planet X Cart Racing

    Go Cart Racing, Planet X
    Planet X Hockey Anaheim Pond

    Hockey at Anaheim Pond Golds Gym, Planet X
    OCN Channel Mountain Biking

    Orange County News Channel, Mountain Biking
    OCN Channel Big Bear

    Orange County News Channel, Big Bear
    In Your Interest

    In Your Interest, Segment 1
    In Your Interest

    In Your Interest, Segment 2
    In Your Interest

    In Your Interest, Segment 3
    Long Beach Cable Interview

    Long Beach, CA Cable Interview, 1993

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