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Disability Inclusion Solutions delivers services and products that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.
54 million strong
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    I can do it, you can do it.

    Our consulting firm helps clients reach a market larger than any other minority group in the country: the nation’s 54 million people with disabilities.


    Each project begins with an assessment process that may include interviews, surveys, focus groups, and other research tools to better understand the problem or issue. Once the issue has been carefully analyzed, we offer recommendations for client action. Each project is custom-designed to respond to client needs and interests.


    Our award-winning videos range from advocacy, assistive technology and employment to sports and international disability development. We keep pace with new developments in the field of disability awareness, education, employment and legal issues. 

    We work with most formats and can produce videotape, CD/DVD, PowerPoint, or streaming video over the Web. To meet our clients’ media needs, we also provide a wide range of other professional video production services.

    These services include script writing, content development, storyboards, audio narration, on-camera talent, and music. Our artists and programmers can enhance any presentation by creating original artwork and 2D or 3D animations.

    We produce your media using a variety of innovative, cutting edge and fast paced yet simple styles that provide the viewers with quick information. This information can include accommodations, personal experiences, and technological advances. Leave viewers feeling great about what your company is doing for employees and customers with disabilities.


    Andrew delivers keynotes, break-out sessions, seminars, workshops, and special presentations to corporate and non-profit professionals.  When needed, and with the approval of the client, other associates are brought on board according to their areas of expertise.

    All professional fees are based on the scope of the project.


    "" Motivation and Inspiration

    "" Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Employees
    with Disabilities

    "" Leadership

    "" Career Exploration

    "" Improving Customer Service for Customers with Disabilities

    "" Disability Awareness


    Disability Inclusion Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge, strategic insights, and innovative programs to create loyalty-building relationships between companies and people with disabilities.

    The Disability Inclusion Solutions team understands that effective marketing to people with disabilities entails:

    "" having buy-in from your company’s senior leadership
    conducting research to understand the disability community’s culture

    "" training your staff to have the knowledge and skills to provide excellent service

    "" planning, developing, and implementing a comprehensive, integrated promotional strategy that touches consumers with disabilities, and

    "" recognizing that the loyalty you gain from the disability community will also touch the people in their circles of influence.

    How We Do It
    Strategic Direction
    Disability Inclusion Solutions, Inc. utilizes the research it conducts on behalf of its clients combined with existing knowledge to assist clients in the development of strategic disability marketing programs.

    Internal Communications
    Since the needs of the disability market are distinct, our team develops internal “by-in” communications strategies to support external communications to consumers with disabilities.

    Creative Services
    Disability Inclusion Solutions, Inc. develops copy and ad design for print ads, manuals, brochures, and web sites. We develop strategies that maintain a client's brand image, while still speaking to the needs of the consumers with disabilities.



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